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The fox missions

Behind Red Warden lies a long-held desire:
creating a clothing line that gives deep meaning to the protection of foxes and aims to bring a positive impact to our world.

Driven by a deep affection for these cunning and elegant creatures, we have crafted a brand that represents true support for their cause.

Red Warden is not just a clothing brand; it’s a real mission. Every piece you wear is designed to be a powerful message for fox conservation, sharing and celebrating their story with everyone you meet.

Together, let's protect foxes!


Red (for “ Red Fox ”) and Warden (for “ Gardien ”) are the two pillars that we have chosen to symbolize our brand. This name embodies our primary mission: the protection of foxes.

In a world where nature is increasingly threatened , we believe that it is crucial to change the situation, to have a different voice, to value nature and to learn to coexist with it.

Thus, we embrace this voice: that of reason , of protection and defense against injustices done to foxes.

Our certifications

Red Warden is a clothing brand , but above all it is a desire to make fashion more ethical and responsible . To do this, each of our products is certified by labels recognized for their quality and commitment. We're not kidding here!

Our engagements

Here are our objectives and our promises for more responsible fashion:

  • 30% of our profits on average donated to the protection of foxes
  • Certified products for a more sustainable and just future
  • Certified factory, on the front line for a sustainable future
  • Clothing always natural or recycled
  • Printed locally in France
  • Zero plastic packaging

Our clothes

At Red Warden, our vision goes far beyond just creating clothing. We aspire to be part of an ecosystem of companies that place life, the environment and, more generally, the well-being of our planet at the heart of their concerns . Our commitment to ethics and environmental responsibility guides each of our actions.

As you have understood, our manufacturing workshop respects workers and adopts an eco-responsible approach.

OEKO-TEX , GOTS , VEGAN certified clothing is not common, but we have chosen to only offer this type of responsible clothing.

For what ? Because these clothes are both ethical and responsible, but also sustainable. Sustainable , because we reject fast fashion in favor of products that you can keep for a long time!

These clothes are made in Bangladesh, where it is possible to obtain these certifications. This factory has a very positive impact on local life thanks to initiatives such as the creation of local grocery stores , the payment of decent wages and working conditions that respect (finally?) the legislation.

Our mission and that of our manufacturing partner

Fox mission

You Buy: Every time you make a purchase from us, you choose an eco-responsible product that respects our planet.

We Pay: For each sale, we commit 30% of our profits on average to the preservation of foxes. You will find the exact amount on each product. This commitment means that every item of clothing you purchase directly contributes to protecting foxes and their natural habitat.

Our engagement

30% For Foxes : We donate 30% on average of all our profits to organizations dedicated to the protection of foxes. These funds contribute to conservation, rehabilitation and education projects, providing safe shelter and care for injured or orphaned foxes, and funding campaigns for harmonious coexistence between foxes and human communities.

How does the donation campaign work?

We are currently working to establish partnerships with associations specializing in the defense or protection of foxes.

With each purchase, 30% of our profits on average will therefore be donated to the association or associations you have chosen. To do this, we will submit to you at the end of each year on our social networks the different associations that we can help, as well as the amounts to be paid, and you will make the final choice.