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The Vintage T-shirt

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Save Fox Initiative
€3 is donated to our partner association, Le Clos des Renardises , for the protection of foxes.


The eco-responsible T-shirt par excellence

Our eco-responsible Vintage White T-shirt is made from pure 100% organic cotton and benefits from GOTS certification, guaranteeing its elegance and ethical commitment. Complying with PETA Approved VEGAN, OEKO-TEX and Fair Wear standards, this T-shirt is an environmentally friendly choice. Opting for this RED WARDEN T-shirt means supporting our initiative and contributing to helping associations, thus embodying a simple gesture for a positive and lasting impact.

Materials : Single jersey; 100% organic ring-spun and combed cotton; 180 g/m²

Fit : Normal (Unisex)



For men : take your usual size or one size smaller if you are in between.
For women : the t-shirt is large, take one size smaller.

The +

3€ for the preservation of foxes

French brand, French design, French printing

100% organic cotton

Certified responsible and ethical manufacturing

Unisex, soft, thick, #SlowFashion and limited edition

The Vintage T-shirt
The Vintage T-shirt Sale price€39,90

Our mission

Saving the foxes


Every year, nearly 500,000 foxes are killed. Red Warden is directly involved in saving and protecting foxes.

Foxes, with their ingenuity and beauty, play a crucial role in ecological balance. Yet they face growing threats: habitat loss, hunting, and misunderstandings around their role in nature. We are committed to being their voice, supporting initiatives that ensure their protection and raising awareness of their vital importance.

On each order of a hoodie, we donate €3 to the Le Clos des Renardises association to help them spread their message and protect their residents.


Their Objectives: Promote biodiversity by recognizing the ecological importance of species, by demystifying preconceived ideas and by protecting the red fox, symbol of small carnivores.

How ? Through the study, the dissemination of knowledge and the active protection of species likely to cause damage on French territory.

For what ? Humans are at the origin of the biological crisis and it is vital to understand the crucial role of each species in the balance of our ecosystem. There is no point waiting until a species is threatened to act.

Their Approach: Le Clos des Renardises adopts an original vision of biodiversity, from the global ecosystem to each individual. They created a Refuge to offer a second chance to rescued foxes, now unable to live freely due to human impact.

Their Goal: By sharing their stories, we aspire to raise awareness and responsibility among a wide audience.

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